Sandblasting, Blast Cleaning, Shotblasting.

Taylor Protective Coatings is one of the UK's leading blast cleaning & surface preparation companies with services covering projects as diverse as building and roofing pressure washing, graffiti removal, and steel and metal coating & painting.

Shot Blasting Cardiff

From our Factory in Cardiff we provide domestic, industrial, and commercial customers with very high quality work, and our highly competitive pricing structures make us the economical choice for the vast majority of our clients throughout South Wales.

Our Blast Cleaning Services include:

  • Pressure washing of Building Exteriors and Roofs
  • Blast cleaning of Pathways and Patios
  • Industrial Blast Cleaning (Tanks, Vessels, Plant, & Machinery etc.)
  • Cleaning of Driveways (tarmac, concrete, and paved)
  • Garage Forecourts and Civic Walkways
  • Removal of Graffiti, Chewing gum, and adhesive debris
  • Cleaning, Degreasing, decommissioning of plant & machinery.

Our Abrasive Blasting & Painting services include:

  • Surface Preparation, Priming & Coating
  • Steel and Iron Structure Renovation
  • Preparation of Wheels, Frames and automotive components
  • Industrial Applications (tanks, silos, bridges, flooring etc)
  • Gates, Fences, Radiators
  • Removal, Repair & Renovation of Flooring
  • Domestic, Commercial, and Industrial applications
  • Classic Car & Body Work


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