Mechanical Installations & Maintenance Services

Taylor Engineering provides industrial plant and commercial process machinery installation services to companies all over the world. Our experience and technical expertise means that we are able to install process and manufacturing machinery of all sizes and all capabilities, from blast furnace to precision optical machinery and everything in between. As part of this service we also carry out preventative and remedial maintenance operations for customers in a wide range of sectors.

Engineering Maintenance

Very often maintenance operations are seen simply as unscheduled down-time. Cutting productivity flow and reducing capacity in a highly competitive environment is not an attractive proposition for any company. However, seeing maintenance as an unnecessary evil with low priority can result in far more disruptive situations.

At Taylor Engineering we understand the need for fast and accurate maintenance operations so we work closely with our customers to manage and schedule the most optimum and cost-effective service for each machine, installation, or plant.

  • Minimising down-time
  • Customising maintenance schedules to suit you and your customers
  • Ensuring optimum performance from your machinery and installation
  • Greatly increasing the working life of machinery and equipment
  • Maintaining high levels of Health and Safety for operators
  • Minimising repair costs and revenue loss due to breakdown

Our Engineers are highly trained and experienced in Mechanical Installations & Maintenance, and both our quality of service and safety procedures are paramount to our continued success.


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