Shot Blasting / Sandblasting Service

Taylor Protective Coating's Shot Blasting service is a surface preparation process using high velocity abrasive media to clean, prime, and finish industrial surfaces ranging from heavy duty mechanical equipment and steel and concrete structural sections throughout to more fragile equipment such as process machinery and low tolerance surfaces.

Our shot blasting service includes:

  • Cleaning and preparation steel forgings and structures.
  • Building cleaning & restoration.
  • Cleaning of machinery and plant.
  • Preparation of precision & industrial components.
  • Controlled shot peening.
  • Removal of dirt, grease, rust and scaling etc.
  • Preparation for electroplating, painting, powder coating, and lining.
  • Cleaning & Maintenance of tanks, vessels, and silos.
  • Walnut Shell Blasting for car body work.
  • Jet & Ultra-High Pressure Washing


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