Industrial High Pressure Water Jetting Services 

Taylor Protective Coatings' High Pressure Water Jetting service provides a clean and environmentally friendly system for industrial surface cleaning and preparation.

High pressure jet washing contractors

Water jetting offers certain unique benefits not usually afforded to other methods and is particularly suited to industrial situations where high levels of cleanliness are required both during and after service.

Our adjustable jetting system means that we can apply the correct pressure for a huge range of applications including industrial plant, machinery, and equipment cleaning, industrial and utility drain cleansing and clearing, preparation and cleansing of industrial pipework installations, surface and contaminant cleansing of industrial vessels, tanks, hopper, and silos, industrial paint and rust removal.

High pressure water jetting suitability includes the following industries:

  • Food storage and processing equipment
  • Petrochemical storage
  • Utilities suppliers
  • Highways, Rail and Walkway maintenance
  • Automotive
  • Casting and extrusion
  • Structural maintenance and reparations
  • Many more...


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