Industrial Grit Blasting Service

Taylor Protective Coating's Grit blasting service provides abrasive surface preparation processes for the removal of surface contaminants such as rust, paint, scaling and processing residue before painting or coating.

Dry abrasive like steel grit is blasted onto the surface through a jet nozzle removing even the finest and minute coatings which means that this method can be particularly effective for substrates or areas where zero contamination is required.

Grit Blasting Suitability:

  • Preparing industrial surfaces for spraying, painting, bonding and other industrial coatings
  • Removing rust, dirt, scale, sand, or paint
  • Enhancing precision parts by removing burrs and surface abrasions
  • Removing flash from moulded parts
  • Improving surface aesthetics
  • Producing matte surface finishes
  • Removing paint and brickwork
  • Removing graffiti


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