Industrial Floor Coatings

Taylor Protective Coatings offers a huge range of Industrial floor coatings and coverings for industrial and decorative use throughout all industry sectors.

Industrial Flooring Contractors

Our systems include epoxy paint and resins, concrete resins, polyurethane concrete, and industrial flooring polymers, each of which is designed to produce flooring that is robust, chemical/erosion resistant, and long-lasting.

Our process of evaluation, planning and installation is carried out with the customer's specific needs in mind, and our recommendations are based on experience and understanding stretching back 30 + years. This experience has seen us produce epoxy and industrial flooring for companies all over the UK and included installations ranging from a few square metres to tens of thousands.

We also provide a range of Cementitious pre-packed Mortars for rapid floor laying and repair, which can be used either as an interim replacement or a more permanent application.

Our resin based floor toppings also include self-levelling and screeds for higher strength and repair work.

Taylor Protective Coatings Industrial floor coating applications include:

  • Food manufacturing and storage
  • Manufacturing and industrial processing
  • High and low temperature environments (furnace and refrigeration)
  • Chemical processing and storage
  • Warehousing and distribution facilities
  • Schools and public access areas
  • Many more...


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