Industrial Epoxy Painting Services

Taylor Protective Coatings' 2 Pack Epoxy Paint systems provide essential coating and protection for many industries and commercial operations.

Epoxy Flooring Contractors UK

Our systems are designed to cover a range of needs and applications from protective to decorative, and from high impact to low temperature.

Industrial surfaces are subjected to numerous adverse conditions on an almost daily basis. This is why only the right solution will suit, and why Taylor Protective Coatings' expertise is in such demand. Our economical systems are designed for all kinds of surfaces but more typically applications are used for industrial floor coatings and over machinery.

Taylor Protective Coatings' Epoxy System uses and benefits:

  • Protect against corrosive, abrasive, and high and heavy impact - most industrial process and storage units
  • Provides durable and decorative floor finishes for high impact areas such as public arenas and schools
  • Provides both anti-slip and friction friendly finishes for walkways and moveable machinery
  • Prevents cracking and damage in both high and low temperature environments
  • Enhance staff and public Health and Safety levels.


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