Factory Removals & Relocation - the easy way!


Taylor Engineering offers a complete and bespoke service covering all aspects of Factory Removals & Relocation.

We are one of the few UK based Machinery Movers and Transport specialists capable of offering the full relocation service including Industrial Plant Relocation, Industrial Plant & Machinery dismantling, industry specific Installation of plant & machinery, and Testing and Maintenance

Factory relocation & Removals

Our removals process covers all aspects of factory relocation including:

  • Project planning and management
  • Industrial equipment dismantling and decommissioning
  • Machine and plant maintenance and preparation
  • Machinery transport and shipping
  • Machinery factory installations and levelling at destination

We can even provide you with a helpful Factory Relocation Checklist, make sure your new location is prepared and ready for industrial installation in strict accordance with CDM regulations, and take care of waste disposal at your previous location.

Factory Removals

Our Factory Removals service includes part or full dismantling of plant and process machinery, including electrical installations and groundworks (flooring, platforms etc). This is particularly useful to companies looking to decommission or replace existing machinery or production equipment, or as part of a phased down-time shift from one location to another.

What you should know:

  • Legal - Factory Removals should be carried out by qualified and experienced specialists. Not only is there a legal requirement for safe removal and dismantling of plant and equipment, but if the machinery is to be re-installed elsewhere, packing and transportation should be done to a standard that removes any risk of damage in transit.
  • Costs - Down-times are a nuisance. You probably already know this, and you'll be aware of how costly both in terms of production and customer relations this can be. Our factory removals process is pre-planned and managed, even for single or small load moves, so you can enjoy a seamless integration of new or relocated machinery at far better costs than non-specialists.
  • Experience - Machine supporting steelwork and concrete platforms will often need to be removed and shipped with the equipment. Factory removals specialists should have the experience and qualifications and know-how to do this, as well as experience in fabrication and fitting of new parts if needed.
  • Environment - Specialist factory removals will usual include pressure washing or even blast cleaning of equipment and machinery prior to relocation. This is particularly important where the relocation destination is overseas because of the potential environmental impact of cross contamination.
  • Support - Engineering support should be available at all times during factory removal. This ensures that the right people are on site in time to deal with issues with dismantling or decommissioning.

Factory Relocation

Our Factory Relocation services generally incorporate a full move of all plant and machinery from one site to another, either within the UK or internationally. We're able to plan and manage the entire factory relocation process, and as specialist engineers we're also able to maintain, test, install, and re-commission all types of process plant and machinery from heavy engineering to food and pharmaceutical process manufacturing.

What you should know:

  • Legal - Factory relocations are strictly governed by health & safety legislation. There are many different aspects of the relocation process and for many the laws attached to each present huge challenges, not least when dealing with international relocation and installation. We deal with this for you.
  • Costs - The vast majority of factory relocations involve either road, sea, or air freight, and with global transport costs spiraling, only specialist companies are able to offer economical shipping solutions AND the savings seen with highly minimised down-times. We are one of the few UK companies able to offer this.
  • Experience - Factory relocation specialists need to offer multi-disciplinary skills across many industrial sectors. The dismantling and installation of everything from food process equipment, precision engineering machinery, and production line equipment requires specialist knowledge. We have that knowledge and capability.
  • Environment - Whether you're vacating the factory for new owners or decommissioning for demolition, the site must be left fit for purpose and environmentally safe. The relocation plan must incorporate a waste plan in accordance with current environmental legislation. We are both experienced and certified to do this.

Our Reach

We're based in the UK but our expertise and flexibility means that we can provide turnkey solutions not just across the globe but across all major industrial sectors including food process manufacturing, pharmaceutical, aerospace, automotive, etc.

What Sets us Apart

Our ability to manage the entire factory relocation process from machinery dismantling to transportation, relocation and ultimately re-installation means that any time critical production flows are easily integrated into your new manufacturing/production schedules. And because our teams carry out all electrical installations and machinery control wiring, precision alignment, leveling, and testing, your workflow will be seamlessly accurate.

Our Integrated Services

Machinery Movers & Transport

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Mechanical Installations

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Industrial Plant & Equipment Dismantling & Installation

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Mechanical Installations Maintenance Contracts

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